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Mental Gender – Harmony of Conscious and Subconscious

The relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind follows the principle of mental gender. Understanding the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind is the whole secret to understanding the relationship between male and female. The reverse is also true.

Mental Gender – Harmony of Conscious and Subconscious

Part 1



Part 2 Mental Gender – Harmony of Conscious and Subconscious



Part 3a Mental Gender – Harmony of Conscious and Subconscious



Part 3b Mental Gender – Harmony of Conscious and Subconscious



Part 4 Mental Gender – Harmony of Conscious and Subconscious



Unspeakable Joy

“I desire wisdom and my heart seeketh to find understanding. I am smitten with the love of wisdom…. for wisdom is far better than treasure of gold and silver… It is sweeter than honey, and it maketh one to rejoice more than wine, and it illumineth more than the sun…. It is a source of joy for the heart, and a bright and shining light for the eyes, and a giver of speed to the feet, and a shield for the breast, and a helmet for the head… It makes the ears to hear and hearts to understand.”



I Am A Spiritual Vessel

This Grand Evolutionary opportunity is available in each and every Moment, in each and every Breath…either meeting with our fear and resistance or with our willingness to relax into the Undefended Intimacy of Awakening…..



Value~Absolute Self Worth

The Wisdom of the Feminine says..I am deep within your subconscious, from within I speak to you the Mystery of your Being, I Desire transformation of your body bringing enlightenment..FEEL my voice…



The Holy Fire of the Desert Bride

The Agony and Ecstasy of Divine Discontent



Unwrapping Your Desire through Intimacy

Desire is the motion of life within us. Life is always moving to renew, sustain, and evolve itself. In its essence, every desire is in service of your health, creativity, and connection with others.



Intimacy…Enter Me and See Part 1

Intimacy is the creation of a shared sacred space between individuals that is built upon mutual respect and care. Intimacy is made when you can share your individual experiences with another who listens and honors your experience. It also comes from having shared experiences in which you give and receive support to each other. Intimacy can be equally founded upon sharing pleasure and adversity. After the Intro song, I was speaking for 10 minutes with my cell phone muted…



Intimacy…Enter Me and See Part 2

Intimacy with others is reflected in the relationship we have with ourselves. If we don’t fully and unconditionally love ourselves, we can’t fully love others….Love your neighbor as yourself



The Beloved Lover

I have touched inside your secret place, and you still do not know me…



The Bad Stuff…How to Thank God for them
Understanding and Loving yourself and another for the “Bad Stuff” Hardships and Trials
Wisdom in 10 minutes
feature Meditation by Deepak



Fall Equinox~A Sublime Generosity~Winter Solstice 2012
A Sublime Generosity~The Turn of the Wheel
Here comes the big breakthrough, the unexpected – a TRUE RE- New Self-Realization, the personal destiny.
Whirling energies and the effect of the incalculable factor brings something new, some may call it fate.
A sudden change of fortune that overturns the established pattern of life.
The part of the unconscious personality we have only become aware of through it’s outward effects, which feels like fate, yet which spring not from some external power but from Within the Depths of our Soul.
The wheel is constantly moving, but the Center is Unchanging – Essence of Source.
Featured Music~Rememberza and Hypnotic Meditations by SoundLight & Twinflamelovr
Poem~Sublime Generosity by RUMI



The Process of Continual Renewal Habit #7-7
Making a single most powerful investment in ourselves is a continual never ending process of renewing all the dimensions of our Human Existence:
Physical, Mental, Emotional/ Social and Spiritual…
Exercising all of these dimensions regularly and consistently in a wise and balanced way is soley your responsiblility and accountability to yourself ….
Renewal is the principle and the process that empowers us to continue to grow and change….



SYNERGY~Habit # 6-7
The combined or cooperative actions of 2 or more parts that together increases each other’s effectiveness♥

Live and Leave a Legacy…

Energy for Development



Empathic Communication~Habit # 5-7
Seek first to understand, then to be understood….

Wisdom in 15 min…..



Win Win~Habit # 4-7
A spiritual win-win attitude toward life involves Integrity, Maturity, Graciousness and the Law of Plenty.

Cultivating this is about orientation to others and our self and expanding it to all forms of life and life’s activities.

The power of this attitude is that we become a positive life-affirming instrument for Spirit.

The more we do this for others and all of life, the more Spirit God will manifest through us….



The Good is often the Enemy of the Best (# 3 of 7)
It is a myth that opportunity only comes along once in a life time. The truth is, it comes along every day, if you have a vision and a clearly defined goal for yourself..

Be willing to bypass many good things because they are not just good enough compared to what’s best for you.

The good is often the enemy of the best.

Music~Donna Summer~

(December 31, 1948 – May 17, 2012)



(Personal Leadership) ~ Where Are We Each Going (# 2-7)
Fundamental Principle~All things are created twice,but Not all first Creation is by Conscious Design~become aware and be proactive in your own Creational Design, or be in the creation of another person’s agenda…(Creation by Default)



Self Chosen Individuals (Part # 1-7)
What is Reality? What is the meaning of life? What is Truth?

Once you start contemplating the answers to those questions DEEPLY in your heart, you are already starting the process.

Your own GodSelf will Step in, in the MEASURE you will ALLOW it. It will start sending you some promptings and guidance to assist you with the process.

It unfolds increment by increment according to your own UNIQUE PATHWAY and according to the LEVEL of ACTION and INTENSITY you are putting in the process.

It’s the Awakening



Creating Balance
Join Jussi and I , as we experience the energetic yet soothing and relaxing Feeling and Sound of Balance…no words just simply Relax into your Natural Rhythmic Breathing….



The Feeling of Abundance(listen w/ headphones)
Abundance comes first as a feeling….It is the Joy of participating in the Love of the Universe, as it unfolds in perfect Harmony when you are in alignment with your soul.
The joy of creation is a feeling, a wonder, a revelation, and as you create with joy in your heart and follow the Divine urges within you, you soon discover a pathway to the Truth that allows for a complete Abundance of everything you request, everything needed…..lovejoy

Meditation~SoundLight and Twinflamelover

Listen with Headphones



Frequency of Love and Light
Enjoy the compilation of the sound of the tibetan bowls created by SoundLight …and a little commentary about Love from his beloved lover TwinFlamelovr…



Surrendering the Process Pt. 4(Manifesting your Creativity)
One of the most difficult blocks to overcome is expectations and impatience. This kind of energy can prevent change in your life.

One way to overcome this kind of energy flow is to detach from the form of how it shows up in your experience and then letting go of time constraints that limit manifesting.

Trusting this process allows you to turn thoughts away from focusing on the lack of having what you want. Impatience devalues our connection to the divine Holy Spirit.



Magnetizing Manifesting Pt. 3
Becoming Magnetized…do you want to find the needle in the haystack or do you want the needle to be magnetized to you?

Your intention is your anchor..

Personal magnetism is personal trust, – it is an intangible something that manifest something…

It is Faith not hope, it is substance…it does not look away from itself.. being Substance it looks within itself.



Manifest your Creativity using Pre Matter…..pt 2
Manifesting is the ability to create what you want in your life. Like a magnet, the energy of your thoughts and emotions draw things, people, and experiences to you. Whatever you focus on, negative or positive, will, by the “Law of Attraction,” come into your life. Manifesting is a deliberate creative process of creating consciously. Things come to us through our creativity….



Manifesting Creative Desire~Feeling that you Deserve It pt.1
You Deserve it…..you must understand in the process of being a Conscious Creator nothing can come to you unless you feel you deserve it…..

feature: SoundLight 1st time voice appearing on BTR (the man behind the sound)

listen to meditation with headphones for effectiveness



Internal Massage of Sound Vibration
Tibetan Singing Bowls….Spiritual realignment, healing and cellular regeneration….



Power of Intimacy via Emotional Connection and Authenticity
Emotions are the essence of communication…A lot of things in the inside of us and on the outside of us can control our emotions. Emotion is energy in motion. Perceive your emotion…therefore Intimacy with thyself and another Beloved is Authentic…







The Holographic Template
The Holographic Template is the original thought-form construct upon which our universal structure is perpetually created.

The Holographic Template represents the living Morphogenetic Field – the dimensionalized blueprint of conscious light, sound and scalar waves, within which the individuated consciousness is stationed, and upon the illusion of solidity is manifest.

Ashayana Dean


Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order




The Importance of Activation of Shields by Ashayana Dean
MCEO~Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order

The Shields are mathematical templates that tell consciousness and the primal life Source Current our bodies are made from which way to bend light and move sound in order to create the 3 dimensional hologram.

The Maharic Seal implies specific application of conscious energy directed to, and within, the core manifestation template of the body.

This technique directly activates the specific mathematical-geometrical relationship within, and between, the Angelic Human and planetary, organic, evolutionary blueprint, utilizing the pre-matter hydroplasmic frequencies of the 10th, 11th and 12th Dimension Mahara Current.

Running the Maharata/Maharic Shield also accelerates DNATemplate activation, progressively restores the D-12 Pre-matter Personal Divine BluePrint for increased bodily health, accelerates spiritual integration, progressively activates the personal Merkaba Vehicle and amplifies natural consciousness expansion and higher sensory perceprtion.


Featured Meditation~Maharic Seal





Light and Shadow…Earth’s History Part 2
The Wesedeks and Wesedraks are fallen angelic beings that have attempted to keep Guardian Angelic nations out of Earth’s Involvement and Evolvement, while keeping the Angelic Human souls of Earth locked into repeated cycles of reincarnation on Earth, blocking their passage of Ascension through the Star Gates….

MCEO Freedom Teachings



Forbidden Earth’s History
Attaining knowledge of Angelic Human DNA and achieving covert dominion over Earth’s Templar Star-Gates is precisely what competing Illuminati groups have historically and continue to strived to achieve.

The progressive orchestration of denying Sacred Knowledge to the masses and falsifying the human historical record, forced interbreeding, distorted spiritual teachings and manipulative science has not occurred haphazardly or by accident.

These things have occurred, and are still occurring, by meticulous contrived design, carried out over many generations since 250,000 BC by Illuminati-Human hybrid-races, following the directives of their off-planet interdimensional/ extraterrestrial Elder kin….Ashayana Dean

MCEO Freedom Teachings~Guardian Allliance

Featured Song~Snap( I Got the Power)



Ascension the process of AtOneMent & More of Earth’s History
Ascension~ literal tangible process of Conscious Evolution. It is the heritage and legacy of the fulfillment of humanity’s evolutionary blueprint. At the death of your physical body you will discover that your consciousness lives on and your evolution continues..~Freedom Teachings~ MCEO speakers Azartan & Ashayana Dean

Featured Meditation~Senseon



The Real Deal about 2012 with Adayara
The Evolutionary Path of Human Consciousness:

Secrets of the Melchizedek and Guardian Races

Angelic Realities and the Big Picture of the Hidden Drama

Freedom Teachings:

MCEO ( Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order)

by Ashayana Dean



Servant and Best Friend~featuring Acturus RA on Ascension
The first key to Self Mastery is taking Responsibility for yourself and your life. When you agree to take responsibility for your life as it is, it follows that you then have the power to change your life. So,the first step to consciously claim or reclaim your power in order to create and shape your life as you see fit is through Awareness. Awareness requires an intimate understanding of who you are and how you got to be who you are. You cannot change unless you have a Clear Understanding of who you are. While we may have awareness we’re in a rut, few of us have awareness of how it all began. One of the best methods for developing an intimate understanding of who we are is the practice of monitoring our thoughts and feelings. Most people believe they already do this, but few truly do,because most of our reactionary thoughts and feelings are pre-programmed within depths of our subconscious….Today my focus is on the functions of the Subconscious Mind, deprogramming it and reprogramming it as you see fit to serve your highest good.



The Tithe of the Collective Consciousness
The Tithe of the Collective Consciousness of the planet serves to anchor the new paradigm transcending from the old through the raising of their frequency vibration. These souls originally agreed to be Beacons of Light assisting to raise the consciousness of humanity preparing for Earth’s ascension into the 5th Dimension. Often these souls have been deeply involved in spirituality and were often rejected and persecuted resulting in wisdom, strength, great determination and perseverance. Their journey of ascension has included strange and unidentifiable physical, mental, emotional and spiritual symptoms manifesting as rapid transitions in their career, personal relationships and living situations. These souls are able to travel the path of awakening much faster with the innate ability either to BE THE LIGHT or REFLECT THE LIGHT.

You Know Who You Are

interview by James~WingMakers, Enlightenment from Rysa and Wisdom Teaching from Shamaness



In the Garden with Shamaness
Tranformation through the Wisdom of ShamZam

JoAnne Halcomb..

A wife and mother of 3 Joanne is an adept healer in the shamanic tradition. Her natural awareness and connection with non ordinary realities enables her to easily access and traverse the shamanic realms, with the help of her spiritual allies, provide transformational healing to her family, friends and clients…

Joanne’s spiritual and physical healing practice blends core shamanic techniques of integrating energy medicine from contemporary science to the indigenous native American wisdom focusing on restoring and balancing the individual energetic field by realigning the body’s natural rhythms with the nature of the universe and releasing trapped energy of old wounds or self-limiting beliefs and regaining essential energy lost through illness, trauma, or abuse.



The Ultimate Choice…Love
The Power of Your Intimacy by Colorful One


feature meditation by Asa~MoonBow




Chakras? Why is Activating and Balancing them Important ?
Chakras are energy centers, or portals in the field. Located along the central channel of the body from the base of the spine to the top of the head, they are conceived of as whirling, wheel-like vortexes through which universal/cosmic energy flows into and out of a person.



The Power of Intimacy via the balancing of your Chakras
Rotating vortices of subtle matter, the chakras are considered to be but not the only focal points for the reception and transmission of energies…Breath is the key to inner peace and tranquility of Intimacy

Clearing, balancing and spinning your chakras is life and living Intimacy which is the freedom of choosing love because ‘Life is in the breath; therefore he who only half-breathes, half lives’



Loving Yourself Unconditionally……
Receive Your Unconditional Love through embracing your Spiritual Heart….



Your Body Meditation
This is a meditation for healing and purifying your body, and for getting your energy flowing. It is an excellent exercise to do in the morning when you first wake up, or at the beginning of any meditation period, or anytime you want to be relaxed and refreshed.



Judgement a natural part of your Creativity
Perfect discernment is to accept both sides of the duality and move in the direction you choose.The person who has wisdom recognizes these words for what they are. He is able to discern between lies and truth. He chooses truth, even when it is unpleasant, over lies, even when they are comforting.Wisdom does not always use easy words. Wisdom sometimes sounds harsh and unmerciful. She doesn’t entice, she warns and counsels. Proverbs 1:32 Wisdom is knowing that what you believe is right. It is making decisions and taking action based upon your beliefs. It is honestly examining the results of your actions and determining if you made the right choice or not. It is learning from your mistakes and changing your beliefs if necessary. It takes the form of admitting to yourself and others when you are wrong. It also takes the form of knowing that you were right and being an example to others.Do not let kindness and truth leave you; Bind them around your neck,Write them on the tablet of your heart.So you will find favor and good repute In the sight of God and man.– Proverbs 3:3-4



Lighting and Thunderbow a Bringer of the Dawn
Gregory Festo a certified hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, an Ordained Minister and a certified Black Belt in two-forms of Martial Arts.

Gregory uses his intuition and compassion to help his clients, friends and family through some of life’s challenges..

Founder of Imagine Inspiration, there are 2 primary passions that drive Rev. Gregory Scott Festo, the first is the improvement of the self on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual andthe second is sustainable living and all its associated fields.

These two passions stem from his love of family and friends, and all of the Earth and its inhabitants…




Creator ~ Position of Omnipotence
Life is a movie, each one of us choose to play a certain role in it. We also decide how things would play out. We are both the actor and the director. Luck, fate, destiny is all in your hands. This is my Reality and I am the Creator. This is my Dream and I am the Dreamer. This is my story and I am the Star.

Feature Music by ~Flowing Now~



Part 4 Perceiving Reality
The Subtlety of ~Perception~


SoundLight & Twinflamelover

New Moment



Part 3 Perceiving Reality
Everything is light, everything is sound, everything is touch, everything is smell, everything is taste and everything is feeling. To sense is to perceive. Perception is thought. All senses are thought. Featured Meditation

Fluffy Cloud





Recognizing and Resolving Resentment
Resentment is the opposite of good will towards others. It is vital to search within to see if resentment is lurking, root it out, and find resolution. When you do so, your actions and responses to life become pure and you exude good will in every moment….



Part 2 Perceiving Reality
Perceiving Reality



Perceiving Reality
The better you become at describing reality, the better you will be at Creating It…Featured Meditation Twinflame and SoundLight



Authenticity in the Breath with Al Bailey
Our breathing rhythm is the first response to these energies and so it, (breathing) will be at the root of solutions, helping you with your personal relationship in living with the unseen world. It is how we are in this life. Mindfully watching breath when we detect unwanted vibes, it doesn’t matter what type, just watching breath keep me focused and clean in my own mind. OUr mind can hold one though at a time and if eye’m watching my breathing, my mind belongs to me. My consciousness is developed through my practice of paying attention and it is no part time thing. Consciousness is the gate keeper! Developed and cultivated through mindful-breathing. There is no fear in the moment, when breath is moving from and to our belly, this keep our mind clear. Practice will reflect this to those who practice. Being a mirror reflect the unwanted back to it’s originator and they stay away until ready to love. Eye love you all ?



The Awakening of the Kundalini..by Twinflamelover/SoundLight
Relax into Awakening…the serpent fire activating Codes and speaking the Language of Light Energy



Inducing Alpha Meditative Creative Consciousness
The altered state of consciousness known as hypnosis is a natural state of mind that most people experience in various forms everyday unconsciously. Daydreaming, deep absorption while watching a movie or reading,just to name a few. Join me in this episode of Progressive Relaxation with featured Meditation by “Twinflamelover”



The process of Transmutation rests on the principle that all things in the world were originally good and only our misuse of them has made them harmful. Therefore, in transmuting we do not seek to destroy, but rather change or transform the destructive component of any part of our being into its original God ordained nature…



Mental Gender
The relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind follows the principle of mental gender. Understanding the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind is the whole secret to understanding the relationship within yourself and without between male and female. The reverse is also true.



The Art and Science of Hypnosis
Hypnosis is an art and a science of creating subjective experience of reality which in turn influences objective experience of reality. It is summed up in expressions “As within, so without”, “As above, so below”.



The Law Of Compensation featured Meditation by “TwinFlameLover”
Do unto others as you would that they should do unto you.”The Golden Rule. Featured Meditation by “TwinFlameLover”



Ascension and Universal Truth
True Self Empowerment, Self Realization and Soul Awakening requires expansion of your existing beliefs (beyond the restrictions of your programmed belief system – Opening up to the Absolute Universal Truth)…. Featured Meditation Summer Wave by TwinFlameLover



Hypnosis for Transformation
Struggling with issues consciously but find that there is just something you are not getting?



Rest in Absolute Stillness Meditation featured by TwinFlameLover
The easiest and most effective practice of meditation,is to simply BE..Sit with your eyes closed and to allow the energy (call it shakti or grace) to awaken you into your natural state of unconditional peace. tincture video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAV50gBB5D8



Part 2 I AM Expression~Hypnotic Meditation
An Enlightened knows himself. Those who know themselves, have a certain power, aura, magnetism, and charisma… by Asa~Source Vibration



I Am God in Expression Meditation~Hypnosis for Enlightenment
Live in the present moment and not struggle with the disappointments of the past and the worry over the future. Taking moments out of your day and appreciate the beauty of that moment gives your mind a break from stress and your spirit a much needed and welcomed boost. Remember that the Present is a gift from God and neglecting the Present can cause you to miss out on the Joy of Life. TAKE NO THOUGHT FOR TOMORROW……by ASA Source Vibration



Part 2 Psychic Phenomenon: Gifts, Powers, or Abilities?
Psychic ability can be developed just like any other ability. When you realize that you are a Being of unlimited potential, you can develop any ability if you really want it. Belief is the first step to psychic abilities because all spiritual powers operate upon faith….



Ayahuasca~ The Opening of the Soul
Experiential journalist Rak Razam is interviewed by anthropologist Robin Rodd from James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, on all things ayahuasca, Down Under. What are the cultural uses of ayahuasca in Australia and how does it relate to other entheo cultures in South America and elsewhere in the world? Without an unbroken shamanic lineage, Aussiehuasqueros have had to stitch their shamanic practice from multiple sources, sometimes united in a cultural synergy for group shamanizing. The hybridization of not just ayahuasca, but of Amazonian shamanism itself is potent in the Australian counterculture as it births a new hybrid modality suited to the conditions on the land. But what of the cultural archetypes, do they remain the same? How do Australian aboriginal spirits and energies affect the mix? Is there something activating in the vibrational frequency of the Australian Land itself, its songlines and energetic grid, and how does all of this tie into other indigenous prophecies of these changing times? A personal exposition from Razam on his own journey and collective journey in the culture…



Developing Psychic Abilities Important Things to Consider Before Pursuing This Path
For eons we have become used to feeling disempowered and looking outside of ourselves for help, easily believing that we cannot help ourselves. . We have historically been taught to think we need others to heal us. In fact, lasting healing can only be accomplished through our OWN EFFORTS, and an intrinsic part of understanding this process as we have approached another cycle of our Being. The more we learn to take back control over our lives, the more our frequency levels increase and the greater our DNA activation. There are also dangers associated with looking to others for assistance. The same forces that caused the original distortions in our templates are still at play, requiring discernment on our part in our healing process. When we ask others for healing our auric fields automatically open up, not just to the healer but also to possible outside interference, providing opportunities for infiltration and manipulation—and further distortions. These dangers can increase exponentially through remote healing, which takes place primarily in the 4th Dimensional astral level. Not only can DNA Codes be altered with Holographic Inserts during a remote healing session, but they can actually be reversed as well.



Part 6 Belief..an Emotionalized Thought
Thoughts become things but not all thoughts become things, only the thoughts that are accompanied with strong feelings and emotions…become a manifested reality..



Rejection~Internal and External Alignment
Value has to be perceived and appreciated in order to be embraced…The stone which the builders rejected became the head of the corner which was the most crucial piece of the temple building…Inspired by the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, featured music by U2.



4 possibilities of Awareness that anchors your Freewill Part 5
From the larger scheme of cosmic events,spiritual development is as crucial as salvation, contrary to the misguided mindset that salvation is the only important criteria. In addition to salvation, Awareness is what anchors your freewill to a particular thing. If you do not have awareness of something, your freewill does not claim it, and it therefore becomes easily changeable by forces who can choose to violate your God Source freewill…



Freewill Choice is based on your Awareness Part 4b
The law of freewill is choice that is based on awareness. Knowledge is power, and Awareness of the Knowledge gives you the power to choose. Choice is an illusion created by those in control for those who are not. To be in control, you must know. You must understand how things work and know what is going on. You need awareness to make Conscious Choices.



Freewill Choice is based on your Awareness Part 4a
The law of freewill is choice that is based on awareness. Knowledge is power, and Awareness of the Knowledge gives you the power to choose. Choice is an illusion created by those in control for those who are not. To be in control, you must know. You must understand how things work and know what is going on. You need awareness to make Conscious Choices.



Predict the Future by Creating It Part 3
Creating is your birthright. It is what you do; you can’t help but create. You create without even knowing that you are creating simply through your thoughts and feelings. It is impossible not to create something, since you are always thinking and feeling, you are always creating. Now Moments allow you to create consciously of what you are aware of…Donations Welcome via paypal. eritrea@bellsouth.net



Increasing your Ability to Receive, Create and Manifest through Alpha Meditative State Part 2
Manifesting is the ability to create what you want in your life. Like a magnet, the energy of your thoughts and emotions draw things, people, and experiences to you. Whatever you focus on, negative or positive, will, by the “Law of Attraction,” come into your life. Manifesting is a deliberate creative process of creating consciously. Things come to us through our creativity. Tonight my special guest is Dr. Shawn A. MacIntyre a trusted and highly respected Hypnotherapist to personally share with us not only the “WHAT” but the “HOW” to in order to activate, maintain and remain in the Alpha Meditative State, as well as to assist us in the proper alignment and the understanding of our subconscious mind in order to create the reality of our heart’s desire. http://www.hypnoresolutions.com/ Featured Music by ASA, Solar Transmission www.sourcevibration.com



NOWON with Al Bailey
Al Bailey Massage Practitioner of 20 yrs.. has developed a Breathing technique called NOWON. NOWON,is a self effort technique one can apply in all situations of life and in all challenges to heal and make Oneself Whole and Complete. As a Life Coach and Massage Therapist Al assist individuals in developing their own technique through awareness of the Breath, and Understanding Word Power as it is related to Sound and Vibration through integration of the Now Moment.



Emerald Heart Solfeggio 528 Hz by Asa with Merkaba Spin Meditation
Emerald Heart Meditation will reveal within yourself the portals of light and love that lead to perfect knowledge, bridging the gap between thinking and understanding, being and becoming, time and eternity, as you are carried across the vacuous thresholds of the mind. http://sourcevibrations.com/



Jimi Hendrix and Friends
Hippies Music. A sound that change the culture of the world…..



Relationship to Self..in the Now
Now Moments assist you to Be the word you speak, because you are held accountable for the words you have spoken in the past and well as the words you speak of in the future…for example, Forgiveness and Love…Your Power is in the Now Moment…



Tuning into Self Part 2
To live as a soul infused person…doing to Being, trying and Allowing, and just simply live from the abundance of wholeness.



Wholeness Through Resolution Part 1
Attending to Self is simply listening as feeling to the Body Consciousness in the Now Moment…The Mind looks for answers and solutions…the body wants resolutions…..



Brain Amp Meditation
Your brain is just like a muscle. It needs training if you want to increase your smarts and acuity. Ignoring the necessity of mental exercise, your brain functions will begin to degrade once you reach maturity. Listening to BrainAmp to train your brain will not only increase your smarts, but it will stop this natural degradation process from occurring. Like sipping from the fountain of youth, you’ll be able to retain that mental sharpness that only those in their youthful prime get to typically enjoy. Science proves it. This happens whether you’re above or below average intelligence, regardless of how busy or demanding your day to day lifestyle is.



Recognizing, Understanding and Transformation of Subpersonalities
Each of the people inside us, our various selves, is an essential part of us. It’s very important to get to know and to respect them all. Each is an aspect of our personality that we need to learn to know, respect, explore, and appreciate. By allowing ourselves to know and express all the subpersonalities within us, we can become balanced instead of being identified with only one side of a polarity. Ideally we want to explore both sides of every polarity and then be able to choose the appropriate moments for the different selves to come forth



Reiki Synchronization Meditation
Merlin… The Heart of Reiki



Tribute to Teena Marie “Lady Donna”
The Ivory Queen of Soul—who made history as Motown’s first white act—passed away yesterday at age 54. In 2008, she shared the secret of her staying power with host Sai Browne: “When the inspiration for music comes to me,” she said, “it comes directly from God. God likes music!”



Shadow Healing Part 2
Recognizing the Shadow in others individually as well as the Mass Consciousness…featured song Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins



Secret Journey Meditation~Discovering Treasures in Earthen Vessels
You can only understand the shadow by experiencing it.. When you descend to the shadows from the light, you are able to uncover the path from the shadow to light. Seek to learn all you can from every experience, by uniting the power of things inferior and things superior, you obtain the glory of the whole world. Discover the Treasures in your Earthen Vessel.



Where’s the Fun?
This show is inspired by Chase…Since skype is down, Chase sent me a text on my phone, “asking this very question…so join us in the chat, and maybe you can communicate with some of your skype buddies….



Eternal Om…Creatrious Sound.. Existence Meditation
The only reality of existence is that you are Perfect, not that you are going to be. You are prosperous, not that you are going to be, for the time element has nothing to do with Creatrious plan, to see it manifest itself. When you turn to the realities of existence, you are bringing your mind to alignment with Truth.



Love’s True Home
Join me in a conversation with Sri Gawn Tu Fahr, Facebook’s lovable mystic of mayhem. We will be discussing his new book, Love’s True Home; a contemporary literary gem sparkling with 1,300 original, inspirational quotes, romantic poetry, sparkling prose, and zesty, irreverent humor, designed to enliven your mind, warm your heart, and give each day a loving kick start.



Who Is This? Untold Depths Meditation
The Mystery of your Shadow.the part of you where all the answers you seek are hidden within you and by you. From the Void came the light and the absence of that light is dark in our wakening let us awakened to the understanding of the dark just as we seek with a passion to experience and know the light. For example the flesh or your physical body covers the light body.Our physical bodies gives us the ability to experience consciousness on a lower vibration, to savor the moment of the Now.to know it in it’s fullness.Please don’t short change yourself as you are quicken by your light body to know the fullness of Self,the dark.Understand it because it needs love also.You want to know your light body? your true self?, the one that you seek so passionately after, well I tell you to Unravel the Mystery of your shadow, the treasures are hidden within the dark…A Mystery is just what it is..My story, for you to know yourself and polarized the two, just as my friend Ian stated to return back to the One….because guess what people? You left the Void with both light and dark, and that is how you shall return Complete in your Knowing of Light and Dark. Beloveds, don’t you realize?, it is necessary for you to surrender to the process of the One Knowing Itself through experience? You see the Light is the Wisdom of that Knowing and the Dark is the application of that Wisdom by the essential experience of life. Come on, go there with me.just contemplate just for a moment.Remember We felt the quickening of the wonder of Us, the One, the Source how We contemplated Our Self and knew of Us the totality of All, yet without the knowing through experience…and Us as One, decided and agreed to this process of Knowing.The personal integration of your shadow allows you to become free from the delusions of right and wrong, good and evil,.Integration allows you to reclaim all of your essence in which you become the expanded Consciousness of God, A Universe creating Infinite Realities.



Stop Emotional Spinouts Part 1
Emotional well-being is well within your grasp. You can train your emotional body to gravitate toward certain emotions rather than others. It is possible to choose emotions at will, rather than let your life be run by emotional “weather.” The Law of Attraction is inescapable in physical reality. Not only do your thoughts attract experiences, but so do your emotions. If you are to create a wonderful reality you must address your emotions with the same intensity that you address your thought processes. The Law of Attraction responds more to your feeling, than it does to your words. Words are empty if a powerful feeling does not accompany them. You can say as many affirmations as you would like, but if you do not feel them nothing will happen. “Creating your reality,” takes on a whole new meaning when you realize that the emotional body is just as much involved in the process as your thoughts.



Listening as a Feeling through the Conscious Body/Meditation
Listening is a Language of Feeling. This Meditation is specifically to help you to become aware of listening as a feeling in which you can experience and know the inherent relatedness and interconnection in being Alive within your Consciousness. It will invoke the female consciousness and its inherent power of wisdom to be active in your life in which you can cease from the cycle of effort and trying to receiving the invitation into the awaken state of Enlightenment. This meditation focuses the universal energies to release the tensions from mental and emotional blocks and allows you to reconnect with your sacred wholeness. You are guided through the cosmic process of disintegration and reintegration where transformation happens from the inside out. This spiritual essence envelopes the observer and leads you to a higher state of consciousness where the mind can free itself from analytic distractions and experience itself as part of the whole of God.



Self Expression~Exploring and Resolving
Self-expression is as vital to living as breathing. The Knowledge or belief we have of ourselves is how we interact with others and the world.



Music…..Combination of All
Relax and Enjoy the many variations of the sound known as music…



Ego and Soul Meditation
Understand the roles of the ego & the soul- learn to discern the inner voice Featured song..Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepplin



Free Your Mind Meditation featured guest the Ego…
Understanding the patterns of your mind..One of the finest instruments given to us at the start of our life here on earth is our wonderful and complex mind. It can be made to believe anything. Indeed, it can even believe that it is in charge. It is programmed by its own thoughts, its own creation, and the more a thought is repeated the more likely it is to be believed. With this very same process it creates an ego, which is really nothing more than a bunch of habits and repeated thoughts about what has happened – our past, and what might happen – our future. The ego exists only in the mind’s past and future. Whenever we observe the mind we see this play of time. The ego does not understand what exists in the now.



Sacred Mystery ..The lion desires to lie with the Lamb
My Life of Holy Fire and Infinite Passion..The wooing and cooing of the All Attractive One…My Beloved, voice of the Dawn is calling me..



The Evolving Thought Meditation
Thoughts don’t finish their journey until they become love…Consider the life-journey of your thoughts…



A Wise Wounded Healer Meditation/Part 3 Inner Child Healing
Learn to grow through Love instead of pain…You are a Wise Wounded Healer



Follow Anger to it’s Source/Inner Child Healing Meditation Part 2
Healing past traumatic events releases us from our blockages, allowing us to becoming whole and integrated individuals. Blockages are like steam on the bathroom mirror… they keep you from seeing yourself. Healing past traumatic events is often a scary and daunting task. Everyone feels fear. Those with courage just act in spite of it… The greatest joy is the joy of healing… What was once the source of your pain can now be the resources of your success.



Return to Innocence..Inner Child Meditation
Wounded Self…Remember and Forgive….



Tarot Rock
Free Tarot and Music



Lovers of God Meditation…Unconditional Love
There are some who love God, and then there are some of us who are in Love with God….you know who you are…this meditation is for you..Featured with Chakra Tuning prior to meditation



Hypnotic State of Peace
Peace Begins with You….The Art of Peace begins with you … Foster peace in your own life and then apply the Art to all you encounter….. –Morihei UeshibaIf



Visit the Angels Meditation
The word angel is thought to be derived from the Greek word “Angelos” which means “messenger”. In Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other theologies an angel can be one who acts as a messenger, attendant or agent of God. In today’s meditation understand and enjoy an intimate relationship with the Angels…..



Auric Meditation
What is the Aura? …it is a luminous energy body, that surrounds and interpenetrates every person, alternatively called the bio-plasmic body. Think of it as your own personal energy field that protects you from harmful outside influences. Just like the visible physical body, it has a head, two eyes, two arms and so forth. In other words, the bio-plasmic body is a mirror image of the visible physical body and is also known as the etheric double, or etheric body. The words “bio-plasmic” comes from the word “bio” meaning life and “plasma” which is the fourth state of matter; the first three states being solid, liquid and gas. Reminder:Plasma is ionized gas or, put differently, gas with positive and negative charged particles, its not the same as blood plasma. These energies make you what and who you are and in turn, are affected by your surroundings and life style. The aura reflects your health, character, mental activity and emotional state. It also shows dis-ease – often long before the onset of symptoms. There is a misconception that your aura is always the same. Your aura changes with emotion, feelings, thoughts, spiritual awareness and even your health, but one color may remain more prevalent than others.



New Moon Chakra Cleansing and Balancing Meditation
Cleansing and Balancing of the Chakras are very important to the overall health of the individual. The state of each chakra reflects the health of a particular area of your body. It also reflects your psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being. Join me tonight to welcome in the energy of the New Moon. A magical new beginning in which you can recharge goals, or set new ones. Together let us “Dream Big” and charge our intentions with power…



Hypnosis & Meditation…Different yet Similiar
Hypnosis and Meditation use very similar techniques, to relax and calm the mind. Individually both are very effective for self development. Hypnosis allows you the transmute negative thought patterns from the past, while meditation allows you live in the Now Moment of the present,The two together assist you to Remain in the Now Always…used together,can and will deliver unsurmountable results….Featured Music from Gregorian Chants and Lesiem….



Deepening the Silence Meditation
A Deepening of Silence becomes a wonderful transmission and receiver of Divine Communication..



Following the Breath Meditation
Rhythmic Breathing as well as right focus and meditation can result in an awesome change in both your physical and mental state and serve as a step toward spiritual unfolding….



Sacred Sound of Solfeggio Meditation
Solfeggio are sacred sound frequencies are thought to be the tones of creation and destruction. That is, they may be the frequencies used by Creatrix/Creator to form the cosmos in six days. It is believed these tones and frequencies has been shown to help repair damaged DNA – the genetic blueprint of life.” The Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies include: UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair) FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order Featured Sounds by ASA…Moonbow



Lord of Time Meditation
Desire the Highest Path, and received the Greatest Gift….



Circle Meditation
“Life, the circle, a measurement with no beginning and no end.” Featured..Sacred Chant with Native American Elders…



Rhythms of Fire Meditation
Connect to the deep pulse of healing with the ancient beats and earth rhythms of sacred chants from every corner of the planet. Invoking inner peace, balance and healing. Move and flow to the deep resonance of primal energy and unite with the heartbeat of Our Mother Earth…



The Silence of Divine Fellowship
Within the silence of the heart, the attention of the lover is receptive, waiting for the Beloved. Meditation is a state of receptivity which is a container of communion with God. Later the lover learns to carry this state of inner attention at all times, always keeping an inner ear attentive to the voice of the Beloved, always receptive to His hint. But in the early stages of the path it can be difficult to hear His voice when we are engaged in the activities of our outer life. We need the sacred space of meditation to withdraw into silence and keep our attention focused on the heart. Meditation also attunes us to the higher frequency of the divine hint, for the hint from God is “faster than lightening.” Through the continual practice of meditation, the mind is purified and disciplined, made more accessible to the voice of the Beloved.



Healing Breath Work
The Breath is the single most Elegant Technique to ease our emotional and physical relaxation. Feeling and remembering the Rhythm of our individual Breathing…



Roots Rock Reggae with “Big Bad Rocker” DJ Ian
Born in South London to West Indian parents; Father from Barbados and Mother from Trinidad, Rockers was exposed to the reggae/DJ scene from an early age as his father played the London circuit in the 70’s. By age 16, having moved to Barbados in the 80’s, Rockers was following in his father’s footsteps and playing house parties Now Living in Boston has returned recently (within the last year) to pick up where he has left off specializing in Old school Roots, Dancehall, Lovers, Rock steady & Revival.



70’s Disco Club Music
KC and the Sunshine Band, Sister Sledge, Donna Summer, Wild Cherry, Chic and many many others…



I AM…Potent
Being Omnipotent means I Am involved in every thing, every experience,..always connected and aware of that connection, therefore I Am ultimately blissful, but also full of pain….



Continuation of the CrossRoad Meditation
Due to internet failure…as promised here is the meditation in full….



Crossroad Meditation
Are you at a Crossroad in your Life? Just a reminder, The Breath of God is always leading and directing the flow of your course…Just Breathe Consciously… The Breath of God Exercise Assume a relaxed, comfortable position. Now slowly draw in a deep breath from the abdomen holding the thought as you do so “ I DRAW IN THE OMNIPOTENT BREATH OF GOD. Retain the breath for 5 seconds as you hold the thought “I SEND THE BREATH OF GOD THROUGHOUT MY ENTIRE BEING TO HEAL AND TO STRENGTHEN. Lastly, as you slowly exhale, and with all the feeling and dedication you can muster, hold these thought vibrations: “I SEND OUT LOVE AND PEACE TO ALL HUMANITY. The entire exercise may be repeated several times a day if you desire, but to begin with, do not force or overdo. Practice no more than 3 minutes at a time. The power and results possible from the following this procedure are too great to be estimated, and the benefits will be quickly proven…if you are consistent…



A Desire that Deepens……
The cost of Intimacy…what determines the degree of your experience…are you willingly prepared to pay the price… Tarot Card yesterday…which inspired this show…Saturday, November 13 Six of Swords Time to travel, perhaps near or to water. Move to a new area. A change of pace and scenery. A slowing down. This part of your journey needs reverence and thought. Pick up the pieces and move on. Regained health, but it’s been a slow process. Take slow methodical steps. Keep your chin up, this is a time of recovery. Sadness, but not depression. Coping. Hope is renewed. My Response to a Post by my friend Wizard Luxas.. Joy you make me laugh Wizard..the moving is the way I have made for myself, regarding understanding my purpose and the place in where I am now helped me to accept and finally let go some emotional baggage and people I was still associated with… that did not aligned with my highest soul purpose. Wizard, because I ignored my intuition I made this process longer and harder than necessary. I realized purity of purpose is a necessity in traveling the rugged path of soul development which may set in operation that assuage deep seated sorrow and suffering. You know Wizard Now that I am writing this I must say, the intensity of this process drew me into a deeper desire of Intimacy within myself, and a greater love and compassion for others…Now is this a light travel going to St. Croix…love you!. …



Secret Fountain Meditation
Meditation is the best vehicle to travel the habits of our mind and actively deconstruct those unfortunate paradigms that at their worst, imprison us. The role of meditation is to center our awareness back at the point of perfect balance, when we are in our heart and our mind is its instrument.



Sense and Feel the One …..Oneness Meditation
Our journey is inevitably to oneness. We are all family. It is not a journey to exclude some and include others, we are all connected. If even one of us is not perfect, then inevitably each one of us can not be. Spend time here in this Oneness and be the inspirational catalyst to all of your brothers and sisters in the Universe. This meditation episode is dedicated to my friend Senseon..the epiphany of Oneness, featured with the song “One” by U2..



Balancing the Polarities of the Shadow Life
The Shadow experience is that feature of duality that gives us something to reference much like reflection in a mirror or on water. It is symbolic of the reflection that is the 3D world around us. It is to be referenced to the point that we see ourselves in everyone and every thing as clear as we see our shadow on the wall and our reflection on the water…



Using my Imagination….
Here in the Vortex, I have been introduced to many kinds of music…..This is the music Pepey my merengue teacher plays while he teaches me to dance..The sound are a combination of funk, latin hip hop,and rap. The High Vibrational tones makes my heart beat Serene, smooth and a calm fast as I yielded to and followed Pepey as he swiftly swirls and whirls me in the rhythm and the world of the spicy and hot spanish latino mexican culture….



Call to the Elohim
Meditation to the Elohim….Good Morning Beloveds…I am here with you in the Presence of the Silent Now Moment…Hear my voice through the vibration of my energy, and there is where you can feel my touch of Love, Joy and oh so much Serenity….



TwinFlame Energy~Union through Fusion
Twinflame energy can light any darkness, heal any heart, Love unconditional as well as transmute and transform the mind despite any adversity…



Divine Masculine Meditation
What is the masculine energy of the universe and why is it so important? What is a warrior spirit?



Experience exquisite embodiment through dream yoga, meditation and astrology! DreamYogini delights in freeing and illuminating the natural beauty, brilliance and healing medicine within! Lotus ~ Love ~ One~ness ~ All!*



Divine Feminine Meditation Part 2
Meditation was unable to be completed so i play it Now in its entirety….



The Feminine/Mother Energy Meditation
Real femininity has little to do with feminism, nor does it have much to do with the traditional wife and mother model of the 1950’s. Real femininity just like real masculinity is more about the Flow of Love. The Highest Feminine energy increases the Flow of Love in the Universe with Unconditional Oneness and Understanding.



Listening Meditation
To listen is a requirement for any spiritual evolution. It is the foundation of change. Without listening we cannot transform ourselves. It is listening that keeps us young and flexible. And it is not listening that ages us and makes us stagnant and unyielding. To listen to another is the first doorway to the flow of love between you. To listen to oneself is the doorway to the infinite flow of love within and between all things.



Jumping Timelines
Within our nature, there is the ability to change timelines and probabilities through the process of ascension and vortexes, whether it is personal or collective. Collectively it remains to be seen, but the path of an Initiate is to reach upward for the highest potential, regardless of what may or may not be happening around him or her. On this episode Black Panther Hawk and I will discuss the “what” you can do and the “how” to do it…



At Rest in the Garden
Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.



Gumbo Show
~ from the very beginning nothing went as planned, ..the Universe took over the frequency…



Did I Agree to this Reality~Your Reality is a Choice is based on Awareness
The Law of Freewill~is Awareness…The More Awareness one possess the greater One is Free to move at their own Will. Choice is an illusion created by those who are in control for those who are not. When you become aware you make conscious choices… Card of the Day~Given by Shamaness…Praying Mantis (Knight of Cups (Shapeshifters) = Insight and protection through stillness. Mantis teaches us that through learning to use stillness, we can enhance our creativity and our healing. We awaken, recognize and manifest our intuitive and our protective powers more easily . It is time to still the mind and body in order to grasp new insight and new nourishment within our life. This can be an indication that an intense relationship is present or about to become present.



“Quotations and Affirmations That Sustain, Inspire and Empower”
It is my belief that repeating affirmations will inspire you and perhaps make some positive changes within yourself in which you seek and desire while you are on your journey…It is the process of that Journey and not the end results of that journey, because the process is the process of Consciousness Experiencing and Knowing Itself..



Why do we allow problems to Punk our Breath?
Al Bailey Healing Practitioner of the Body Mind Relationship for 20 yrs by way of coaching, body massage and assisting individuals in developing their own technique through awareness of the Breath…Why do we allow problems to Punk our Breath? Shallow Breathing~punking your Breath…



Resonating Your Sacred Song through Intimacy..
“Love is the confidence that your journey is specifically tailored to maximize the integrity of your song of truth.” Interview with Brian Baruch in which he shares profound insights for living as a spiritually dynamic individual, empowering you to effectively embracing the mandate of your life’s journey. His work addresses many of life’s greatest mysteries and reveals for all the secrets to the human condition. He shares coordinates for healing the soul in ways that transforms pain into passion, and passion into profound intimacy through Resonating and understanding your Vibratory Frequency and the Harmonic Tone of Oneness..



The Twin Flame Energy Archetype
Brian Baruch shares profound insights for living as a spiritually dynamic individual, empowering you to effectively embracing the mandate of your life’s journey. His work addresses many of life’s greatest mysteries and reveals for all the secrets to the human condition. He shares coordinates for healing the soul in ways that transforms pain into passion, and passion into profound intimacy. These profoundly insightful teachings also the effect of dynamically reinvigorating the traditions of many outmoded belief systems. Brian reveals the loving plan for each to intimately discover the power of eternity and beyond. Brian’s teachings engage the intellect with poignant clarity and the refreshing intimacy of a timeless love story. In a short time, Brian work has set the world ablaze with the coordinates of a higher love, as the teaching of the FOJ have captured the hearts of tens of thousands. The FOJ teach the meaning of life, our relationship with the universe and empower the individual to embrace their cadence of truth to help summon more intimate horizons. Brian selflessly shares this profound wisdom with benevolence and compassion to help render suffering obsolete and empowering our world into a far less primitive place. He remains dedicated to sharing the teachings of the Family of Jacob & the Law of One in ways that are easily approachable for the sensitive soul who wishes to access life changing clarity and solutions. Brian Baruch left a career in branding and magazine publishing, he still consults industry on positioning & “Soul Branding”. He can often be found consulting and teaching material and spending time with loved ones.



Divine Union Part 2
Becoming the All Attractive One…through Loving…Alchemy~the death of Self and the birth of Unconditional Love. Knowing,Understanding and Living the 7 Laws of Love…



Be Still and Know Candle Light Meditation
Join me in a Candle Light Meditation grounding the Convergence of the Masculine and Feminine Energies…Imagine the candle as an entrance way to the vast spiritual dimensions permeating everything…. Embrace the beauty in Your heart and radiate Peace into the world. There will come a time when you believe everything is finished…. That will be the beginning.



Invoking and Envoking the Gods
Heretic is a title of honor, for truth always starts by being called heresy…



Divine Feminine Energy~Lander Love
Lander Love is a visionary artisan exploring in word song landscape and painting. She holds space and activates oneness in an exploritary manner resonanting blue storm in “ mayan astrology” Channels to catalize inspiring energy guided by the power of magic. Lander is a “Jill” and not jack of many trades, mastering Oneness. Lander is here today to share with us her experience of the Grail Spring’s Transformation Retreat, the World’s first ever women’s 7-day summer festival, in Canada where we open our hearts, mind and Spirit to the incoming feminine. Women who are agents of change or are becoming agents of change. Women who wish to explore, find and embrace their true legacy. Women who are ready to roll up their sleeves and answer the call to action. Women who are looking for assistance, looking to impact, partner, co-create, invest, collaborate. Women who have wisdom to share or wisdom to glean. Women of conscience, women of service, women of an open heart. Learn, embrace and embody the divine feminine principles that have historically been written out of mankind’s history. Once lost but now found. Find out why we as women hold the keys to the future ….



Revealing the Heart through Music. Digging Deeper into the heart of our expression..Helping Chase with the assistance of Jaaacques, Joseph and John(Truth of Life)…..Wow!!!!! 3 (J’s)Sons of Thunder from the Gold Ring…



The Heart Meditation
No matter which philosophy or religion you investigate, all recognize that within each of us are all the qualities of heaven.



Soul Healing Meditation
Soul Healing Meditation with Deepak Chopra..Breath, Heart and Body Awareness, through Love, Knowingness and Bliss…Sat Chit Ananda



Be the Disciple of Your Own Deep Values
Habit 3 in a 7 part series regarding Transmutation using Steven Coveys idea of Highly Effective People…



Creation of New Alternatives…The Whole is greater than the individual parts….



Understanding Word Vibration
Are there Voices inside your head, Echoing things others have said? Today my focus is on understanding the Power of Word Vibration, and the influence it has on our frequencies, and how we respond in relationship with Breath… Poets, Priests and Politicians have words to thank for their position,.. words screaming for your submission. Is it your desire to discern whether the person you interact with in the present moment are authentic in sharing sacred space with you? If you want to know a sure method tune in and listen to my guest Al Bailey/a Massage Practitioner and Shaman speak on this topic and >>Solutions acquired through <<



Divine Union Meditation
The human body is a sacred alchemical vessel. A gift given to us to grow by knowledge through experience. Each and everyone of us possess the capacity to deeply experience all power and all the potentials of life. You are more than just a living breathing body You are a conscious being animated by the Divine Spirit. You are a scientist and your body is a laboratory in which transformation can be accomplished. The objective is to transform the lead of ignorance into the Gold of Enlightenment. To accomplish this you need to transcend Ego and bodily identification, such as race, age, gender, name, nationality, ethnicity especially religion. In return this will release your spirit from the confines of matter. The vehicle of resurrection and ascension. Your spirit body plus the divine spirit is what is known as Divine Union. The purpose of Alchemy~acceleration of the evolutionary process , therefore you never ever have to enter the karmic life experience known as birth and death…



Free 3 Card Tarot Reading
Would a live reading be right for you? Gain objective insight into your life. Learn how to make the most of your talents and strengths while working to overcome your challenges. Get a look at the direction things are flowing so that you can make well-informed decisions. Keter has read Tarot cards since 1980, and has used the same Thoth Tarot deck, known for its ability to draw out details, for the past 25 years. The Tarot method Keter uses focuses on patterns and life lessons and how they affect her clients’ lives. Tarot does not “tell your future” – instead it shows trends and the character of likely outcomes, forces affecting you, and resources that you already have to solve your own problems.



Invocation to Our Cosmic Mother
Oh Great mother Divine feminine Birther of the Cosmos Lover unto Spirit Creatrix of all matter and Queen of all Worlds We call to you this hour We are your children We are the daughters and sons of your Divine Union The Flesh of your Passion for Life You who lay with Spirit, our Father In the beginning of time and consummated Our Divine(us) We are brought forth from the Union of spirit and matter we are the children of your flesh and your heart Help us to re member your touch and the fragrance of your essence The unknown desire and the ache of a longing fire Come to our hearts enlightening us with your Presence Come to our minds and open our genius Draw back the veils that we might see Let the doors open the beauty of thy ecstasy This is the hour of our greatest need We call you through Fire and Water The Earth and the Wind Through all that bears your holy sacred name All of the lineages from the infinite beginning to the infinite end Come Mother unto us, and Have your being Through US…. Music: Sacred Conduit by Majii Moonbow by Asa



Mindful Breathing
Understanding Full Moon eclipse, with a Grand Cross. Following the Breath is the easiest way to focus the Mind to achieve Clarity of thought…



The Breath of Life
Al Bailey Massage Practitioner of 20 yrs.. has developed a Breathing technique called NOWON. NOWON,is a self effort technique one can apply in all situations of life and in all challenges to heal and make Oneself Whole and Complete .



Grounding and Clearing
Grounding Sacred Energies Daily through the 7 Chakras



Activating and Spinning Your Merkaba Correctly…



An Intimate Invitation~~The Origin
Direct Experience not Conceptual Information “I dance the evolving of our mutual heart destiny through the opening channels of your being…singing my songs of awakening into your heart and into your body from the deep within. I am in the evolutionary process of birthing myself. Your body, your mind and your softening heart …are my womb.” This Grand Evolutionary opportunity is available in each and every moment, in each and every breath…either meeting with our fear and resistance or with our willingness to relax into the Undefended Intimacy of Awakening.



True Intimacy
Fusion through the Union of the sacred Beloved In the Presence there is fullness of Joy and pleasure that surrounds the intimate fellowship of Knowing the lover of your soul as you are known by your Beloved……you are the Song of Songs



Activating and Integrating the continual flow of Divine Wealth through the Clearing of Chakras
The Universe causes you to prosper by blessing all the works of your hand..the Bible even states ” If a man does not work, he shall not eat.” Even a system that has been set up for you to receive automatic income time and time again requires you to work in the beginning to create it. But work is not just for making a living, it is Life Itself. Work is primarily for Creativity. Prosperity is continuously being created. It is a creative thing. A person’s world falls apart when he/she begins to lose their Creative Focus. To stop Creating is to stop Living.



True Intimacy
Experiencing and expressing the Depths of Divine Love



Arcturian Alignment
In the great game of creation you are a Wayshower. In this position you are contracted by higher intelligence to manifest constituency. Wayshowers are to integrate one million followers into the space of the fifth dimensional awareness upon the Solar Alignment of Arcturus. The Arcturian Alignment is the first major move of the Wayshowers in the game to create the new world of the Fifth Sun. At this point of time and space Ultraviolet is the most powerful cosmic energy stream of the Galaxy. The higher intelligences of this Universe through our twin universe record that an Ultraviolet beam of energy will enter this planet through the Arcturian Doorway. ~Rysa



Breath Meditation
Following the Breath



Ascent of Mind
Awakening to the Energies 12:124



Lords of Spirit Invocation of Light



Night of Indigo Revolution
GR video 62



Imagine Like Mind



Beyond the Threshold
Teachers oflove, surrendering to light, sacred mountain, beyond the threshold. awakened christ light, creative sentience



Shifting of the Transition
Gold Ring DVD Series